Prague Advisor

The Charles Bridge


The Charles Bridge is probably one of the most popular sight in Prague. It was built in 1402 by the King Charles IV. and it makes it the oldest bridge over the Vltava River. It was built up on the place where the Judith Bridge used to stay. Judith Bridge was demolished by the flood in 1342. The Charles Bridge is 621 m long and approximately 10 m wide. There is no transport over the bridge, it’s pedestrian zone. The Charles Bridge is made of sandstone and on each side is protected by the bridge tower. Two towers are on the Lesser Quarter side and one on the Old Town side. You can find 30 baroque staues on the bridge and many sellers and musicians as well.


The Charles bridge is usually overcrowded during the day, so I recommend you to visit it when it gets dark – there is less people and the Bridge in the lights is also so pretty, maybe prettier.

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