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The Vltava River

Vltava is the longest river within the Czech republic with it’s length 403,3 km (250.6 mi). Vltava is considered to be the national river. It rises in the Bohemian Forest in Southern Bohemia, running through Cesky Krumlov and Prague (both UNESCO heritage), flows into Labe in Melnik.

…in the dusk from Rasin’s Riverbank

Typical and most famous skyline of Prague is the view with Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. The other popular skyline is the Vltava River with its bridges. This beautiful view can be seen from Letna Park or Kralovsky letohradek. It really worth to visit.


Rasin’s Riverbank and its not only boat-bars

The riverbank along the Vltava is popular not only among tourists but mainly among locals. One can have a really good time hanging around riverbanks especially during summer. There are many bars and anchored boats you can get a snack on. You can spend hours along this beautiful river but you can also spend some time right on the river. In summer, there are many companies renting the paddleboats, rowing boats and motorboats.


Do you see the Prague Castle in the distance? In the front you can see the paddle boat rental.

If you are not into driving your own boat you can simply take one of the many boat cruises offered by dozens of companies. View on a historical center of Prague from the river is different but nice  too. According to my opinion maybe more interesting cruises are during night. Dinner on boat or party?! It gives you another views than in the daylight and different experience, too 🙂 The departures are usually on the left bank of the Vltava River located next to Charles Bridge or Manesuv Bridge.

There is also steamship going from city center to Prague Zoo. If you travel with children I am sure they will love it. Find more details here.

The only unpaved bank of the Vltava River

The only unpaved bank of the Vltava River and swans. Let’s take a selfie with them 🙂

Swans are kinda spoiled by all the people who feeds them regularly but that’s a good thing because you can approach to them and feed them from your hand.

Another interesting fact about the Vltava River is that there is only one unpaved bank of the river located next to Malostranska metro station (green line), more specifically right next to Jiraskuv Bridge. I would really recommend you to visit this place mainly because of the beautiful and not so known view to Charles Bridge plus many swans usually flows around this place. They are kinda spoiled by all the people who feeds them regularly but that’s a good thing because you can approach to them on a small distance, feed them from your hand, take a selfie with them etc 😀 I personally love this place.






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