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Rašín’s Riverbank (Náplavka)

Náplavka (Riverbank) is an ideal place for walking, cycling or simply for organizing various events. During hot summer days and nights you can find here many local people hanging around. A beer and other drinks and food are sold here or you can easily bring some by yourself. A beautiful bicycle/rollerblades path leads from this place along the Vltava River to the Braník and farther away.


View from Palackého Bridge to Rašín’s Riverbank

If you are in Prague during the hot summer days I would also recommend you to visit a local ice-cream parlor called Puro Gelato, which is located on the corner of Rasinovo nabrezi and Na Hrobci Street. Just take one or two scoops of ice-cream and simply sit at the edge of the Vltava Riverbank and have a fun. I love their ice-cream as much as the ice-cream from Angelato (another shop selling the premium sweets).

Prague’s Rašín’s Riverbank is a beautiful place to hang out with loved ones.

If you have a kids let’s take a piece of dry bread or roll with you and find the swans or ducks. Your children will love to feed them. Be careful of your children not to falling down into the water!

Besides mentioned above Farmers’ Market takes place on Rašín’s Riverbank every Saturday from 9AM to 2PM. You can buy many local products as well as many handmade sweets or pies. If you are interested in Farmers’ Market let’s check this site, where you can find out many details about this weekly event.

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