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Shopping in Prague

Prague is considered to be one of the most popular places where to go shopping. Shopping in Prague is not so expensive for people, who exchanged money from EUR or USD (1 USD is usually 20CZK, 1 EUR = 25CZK). I would like to describe you the best places for shopping in Prague. Advantages of shopping in Prague are that Prague is not so big city, so you have all the shops almost at your fingertips. There are a lot of malls right in the city center that you will fall in love with. So if you like, you can connect shopping with your tour around Prague. To be truth, Prague is not about shopping malls. You can find here many boutiques,shops with souveniers and gifts and markets.



Palladium is modern and probably the biggest shopping mall in the city center. You can buy here things from food, through clothes (even in the top-brand shops) up to electronic stores (Electroworld, Apple) and restaurants. Palladium was build in 2005 and became the biggest shopping mall in Prague. The interesting thing is that it was rebuild from barracks. It is really good to realize this fact if you are inside and imagine how it looked like. One of the soldiers who served here was Josef Kajetán Tyl, who wrote lyrics to song, which become lyric of the Czech national Anthem later. The anthem is used until now. The barracks was owned by army until 1996, but in second half od 20th century this object was not used and fell into disrepair. At the beginning of 90’s the Ministry of Defence decided about more appropriate use. There was announced a competition for its sale, its reconstruction and its completation. The winner was the company European Property Development. In May 2005 the reconstruction began and in 2007 there was the opening ceremony for the public. Since this time Palladium is one of the dominates of the city skyline.


The Palladium has 5 floor, where are situated almost 180 shops, 20 restaurants, coffees and bars and in underground there is garage with almost 900 parking places.

How to get there:
Location: 50°5’23,000’’ N, 14°25’40,600’’E
Metro: B, Náměstí Republiky (there is the direct entrance to the Palladium)
Tram: n. 5, 8, 14, 24, 26, 91 (stop: Náměstí Republiky or Dlouhá Třída)
Bus: 207


My Store

My store is situated on the crossroad od Spálená and Národní Street. This mall used to be called Máj and it is one of the most significant reprezentatives of Czech architecture od 70’s, 20th century. This shopping mall was built in 19973 and the original was called Prior 02. After that it was called Máj until the fall of Communist. In 1996 Tesco Stores a.s. became owner of this building and since this time there is a Tesco Store. After reconstruction of interior and the new concept of organization in 2009 it was renamed to My. I think it was renamed mainly because the owners want to attract more tourists. My was the second shopping mall in the world that is using this conception.

How to get there
Metro: B – Národní třída
Tram: 6, 9, 18, 22
Parking: no parking place, parking in the city center is really hard, so I recommend you to use public transportation.



The Quadrio is the shopping mall right next to the My Store. It was opened this year and you can find here another shops. It is connected with the My Store and the metro Národní Třída as well.



As I said shopping in Prague is not only about shopping malls. It is also about different types of shop. You can find many small shops around Prague. Some of them called themselves Traditional Czech Gift Shop. Sure, you can buy here many things printed with PRAGUE sign, but I, as local, don’t like these types of shop. The reason why is simple. There isn’t sold typical Czech souvenirs and the owners of these shops are mainly Russians. The typical street with these shops is Karlova Street, which leads from Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square.


Shopping out of the centre

If you want to go shopping to some bigger shopping mall I would like to recommend you some of the malls you can visit. The first is OC Chodov. It is probably the biggest shopping mall in Prague and you can find here almost everything. The best way how to get there is by metro C to the Chodov stop. (about 10 stops from City Centre Muzeum). It takes about 15 minutes. Or you can go by car/bus. There is huge underground parking lot. But be careful and remember where your car is parked, because the garages are really confusing.


Pankrác – Arkády

Smaller than Chodov, but also big. It is 3 stops closer than Chodov. Way is the same – metro C, but get off at Pankrác stop.


Fashion Arena – Outlet Centre

If you want to buy branched clothes in a big sale, go to Fashion Arena. It is placed in suburbs – Praha – Štěrboholy, Prague 10. The way there is more complicated than to others. It takes about 1 hour from city center. The best way how to get there is by car. If you don’t have a car, there is another possibility. Take the metro A (green) to final stop DEPO HOSTIVAŘ. There you have to transfer to bus (called Fasion Arena). it goes every half hour, so I would highly recommend you to find the itinerary before. (

If you get in this arena you will feel outstanding. It really looks like stadium, but instead of seats there are shops.

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