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Nightlife in Prague

Prague is sometimes called as a “city that never sleeps”. The reason why is that there is so many pubs, bars and clubs, that you won’t know which one to choose. Restaurants in Prague are usually open till 11PM, pubs till midnight and the clubs in average till 3AM. But a lot of clubs are open till morning…that means you can partying all night long. The most of the clubs are opened daily, but on Friday and Saturday whole Prague is much more alive. Without doubts Prague is popular place for a party.

If you are in Prague you should spend at least one night out to experience the Nightlife.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Czech beer. It is considered to be one of the best beer in the world. As a proof can be, that it is shipped worldwide, so you can easily taste Czech beer brands in your country. The Pilsner Urquel beer is probably the most popular one among Czech people. Its taste is kind a bitter than the others. But Czech beer is not all about the Pilsner Uruqel. You can find about 130 different brands of beer in the Czech country and it definitely worth to try every single one. The best thing oo the Czech beer is the price. The drought beer is extremely cheap. You can get it from 1 USD. Of course, price varying from highest in the city center to the cheapest in neigbourhoods pubs.he interesting thing is that a bottle of water in restaurant is more expensive than one beer – Czechs are really beer consumers.

The partying in Prague is not about beer, it is also about the atmosphere. There is a lot of different kinds of clubs, from ordinary dancing clubs up to strip clubs and nightclubs in „red district“, and in each of them is different atmosphere.


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