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Hi everybody!

You are probably browsing on the Internet, searching something about Prague. The reason of your searching can be that you want to visit Prague, trying to find some useful information. If it’s so, you are on the right place. You just hit the website about Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

My name is Kristýna (Christie), born and living in Prague near the Prague Castle. Since my youth people have asked me on a way or wanted to know something about Prague. I’ve fell in love with this city during my childhood and this love has not left me so far. It’s the main reason why I decided to start this website. I want to help everybody to feel comfortable in Prague and enjoy the visit to the fullness. Trust me. It’s my passion. Do not hesitate to contact me with any question.

The another reason is that when I am visiting some city in abroad I always know only the touristic information from the guidebooks I usually bought before. From my experience I have found that the best thing I can do is to ask local people for some tips. Through my blog I would like to give you exclusive information that you can get just from residents 🙂 I would like to give you the opportunity to visit another interesting places and events than just the touristic ones. Sure, I will write also about classical touristic Prague but I will always try to give you some bonus. I would like to guide you along your way.

On this website you can find many useful information that makes your visit easier, safer and more enjoyable.

There is a lot of tips what to visit, what you mustn’t miss and where to go.


Prague is the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is located in the north-west of the country in Central Bohemia, lying on the Vltava river. It is also known as a historical part of the country. The area of Prague is 192sq m2. Prague has around 1,2 mil. inhabitants, but in the urban zone live nearly about 2 mil. people and it grows all the time.

The historical part of Prague consist of 5 quarters – Hrančany, Lesser Town, Old Town, New Town and Josefov (Jewish town).

Main attraction in Prague are: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, Petřín Hill and more and more. I describe them in a particular articles.


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